Dogs are very sociable animals that enjoy the company of those who love and care for them. The dog’s emotional capacities are highly developed, including feeling sadness, joy, and being able to fall in love, but is this love the same as the one we know?

If you wonder if your dog can fall in love with a person, the answer is yes, indeed, dogs can feel love, lots of love!


The opinion of the experts

Among the professionals of canine psychology are ethnologists, veterinarians who have specialized in dog behavior: they are experts with a high level of training.

Ethologists say that dogs are capable of experiencing emotions (as mentioned above) such as sadness, anxiety, stress, joy, and love. What happens is that sometimes they express it in a different way than what we are used to and that is why we are not able to identify it.

What do we mean by love?

The dog is a noble and faithful animal that admires, loves, and protects those who feel the same way about it (even some abused dogs love their guardians) because it is an animal with a very big heart.

We don’t know how much a dog can fall in love with someone or how strong his feelings are. You’ll have to find out with him, your best friend, as long as his love doesn’t become a problem as it does with jealousy.

We recommend that you offer all your love and affection to your pet as soon as you can, for the rest of your life. Your dog will give it back to you every minute he spends with you.



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